About Us

Smart Will™, a trading style of Sanders Fisher Ltd. is an electronic will writing solution fit for the needs of people in the 21st century.

Smart Will™, is designed to make writing and importantly updating a will simple, stress free and cost effective for both single people and people in partnerships who wish to write a mirrored will.

Writing a will typically takes around 10 minutes.

Our customers vary in their needs, However they typically fall into the 60% of people in the UK who currently don’t have a will, currently have an estate value less than £325,000 and don’t wish to die intestate which can have ramifications for those you leave behind.


Everything you need to manage with your will can be done through the Smart Will™ App;  you can even leave a video message for those you leave behind. To comply with UK law we will post you copies of your will which will need to be signed, witnessed with one copy returned to us and a copy retained by yourself in a safe place. We will store your will both electronically and physically using certified safe storage.

Should you need further help or have more complex final wishes we also have a team of customer support agents who will assist you via, email or phone.

 Typical Free Will writing ServiceSolicitorSmart WillMirrored Will
CostZero£100 – 1000£79£119
Updates to willZeroAt cost typically £250 per4 hour2 free per year2 free per year
StorageVaries by providerNormally FreeFree plus Electronic Storage Free plus Electronic Storage
Executer  ServiceNoYesIncludedIncluded
Update anywhere anytimeNoNoYesYes
Leave gifts to CharityBy bequestBy bequestYesYes