Our Bespoke Services

The below table outlines our current bespoke services we provide. This list may not be exhaustive. You will be advised prior to any payment request of the cost of services at the time the services are provided.

Smart Will Service
Single Will via Smart Will App
Joint Wills via Smart Will App
Will inc. trust(s)
Mirror will inc. trust(s)
Lasting Power of Attorney (Property & Financial)
Lasting Power of Attorney (Health & Welfare)
Severance of Joint Tenancy (per property)
Life assurance trust (pilot trust)
Deed of assignment (of life policy)
Asset Protection Trust x 1
Asset Protection Trust x 2
Transfer of property into trust (per property)

The above services do not include disbursements such as LPA registration fees, or Land Registry Fees for the transfer of property.                                                   


App available for Android and iPhone.
Coming soon on Windows Phone, Amazon App Store and Gallery App Store.


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