The common mistakes people make when they don’t make a will.

The common mistakes people make when they don’t make a willIf you haven’t made a will then you may think that all of your money might just automatically go to your partner but nothing could be further from the truth.In fact, there are strict laws that set out how assets should be distributed upon someone’s death if they haven’t made a will.Passing on without a will or intestacy as it’s called in law is unfortunately quite common but it [...]

Will Writing Software

Will Writing Software There are various will writing software packages out there for professional solicitors and members of the public alike. With so much choice it can be a confusing place for an individual without any legal knowledge or experience to ensure they are making a sensible decision.   Should I use a solicitor? The first thing that anyone should consider before they write a will is whether or not a solicitor is needed. Many people assume that wills can only be written [...]

How you should choose an executor for your Will

 If you are in the process of writing a will then you might be wondering about how to choose an executor. What does an executor do? Your executor is the person who makes sure that your wishes, as set out in your will are carried out and consequently it’s an important position.Very few estates are straightforward and so someone needs to be appointed who can handle all of the administrative tasks that come with carrying out the job.Your executor will need to gather together [...]

Are you a parent? – this is why you need a will

If you are a parent - whether you’ve just started a family or if you have older children, then you may well be thinking about whether parents really need a will.We can’t emphasise enough that parents need to make sure that they have a legally valid will and that they periodically review their documents and see whether it continues to reflect their wishes. Removing uncertainty When people pass on, it is often difficult for those left behind to fully understand what their loved ones wishes actually were.Trying [...]

Can I change my will once I have made one?

Can I change my will once I have made one? Once you have written your online will it is easy to sit back and think that you’ll never need to worry about the issue again however it is important to remember that things change and you should regularly review your will to make sure it’s still current. Why would I want to change my will? The simple answer to this is to ask you to think about how life was five or [...]

Physical and Digital storage…

Where should I keep my will? This is something that is often not thought about until after a will is actually written but although it may seem a simple and practical question, it is a really important issue to think about. When a person passes on, it is a time of great stress for their family and friends and finding all of the paperwork required, including the last will is frequently cited as one of the biggest problems. Although they may have [...]

Is writing a Will expensive?

The average cost of a Will Everyone should have a Will, whatever their age and circumstances, to ensure that if anything should happen to them, their estate is distributed in accordance with their wishes. This can be particularly important for those with children or stepchildren.The financial cost of creating a Will should no longer be a barrier with the advent of good-quality online Will writing services. Here at Smart-Will™ we offer a comprehensive service including support, a user-friendly interface, free [...]

Rules of intestacy

What happens if I die without a Will? Dying without a valid Will in place can mean that your estate passes to people whom you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to leave it to. It can also have far-reaching effects on your family, their finances and the care of any children left behind. Rules of intestacy If you die without a Will then the rules of intestacy apply to everything you owned. These state that your spouse or civil partner, if you have [...]


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