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Can I hand write my Will?

Can I hand write my Will?

This is a question that often gets asked and it may seem at first glance like a sensible thing to do.

Indeed, it is legal to handwrite your Will in the UK and it might seem like a quick and cheap option but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are some significant issues with handwriting your own will and we would strongly advise against it.

The first problem with this method of drawing up your will is the most obvious – are you sure people will be able to read it?

Globally, we’ve become used to using keyboards and devices and it has been noticeable that peoples’ handwriting has markedly deteriorated.

So you may have the best ordered and most sensible Will in the world but if people can’t read it then it will be of no use at all!

Being clear in Will making is really important and alongside the issues of understanding the handwriting there is the issue of terminology.

Wills have developed over the centuries and there are things you need to say and ways you need to say them.

The problem is that if you write your will yourself then it is more likely than not that you won’t use these standard methods to craft your Will.

These will probably cause issues in the future and your beneficiaries may find that they end up spending more getting the will sorted out than you saved in the first place making it.

If you have a very simple estate then you may not need to write reams and reams of information but if there are any complications at all then the sheer amount of writing you need to do may well make it impossible to hand write your own Will.

Making your own will may seem simple, but that simplicity can lead you to forget elements that you will definitely need to include.

Forgetting to add in the correct number of witnesses or referring to them incorrectly would make the will null and void, leaving your loved ones in exactly the same position you are trying to side-step.

There is another practical issue that you do need to bear in mind and it’s an odd one but have you ever found an old piece of paper where the writing has faded?

Hopefully your document will be around for a long time before it’s actually needed and you need to make sure you have used a method that is stable and unlikely to degrade.

What is the solution?

You can easily and cheaply get around all of these problems by using the Smart Will service.

Smart Will guides you through the process and ensures that you have included all of the aspects that you need to.

Our app uses the correct terminology to set out your wishes and of course is easily accessible and readable by the people that need it.

Best of all making your online Will using Smart Will is very affordable and includes storage so you can be sure that your wishes will be understandable, legal and respected. Download the Smart Will App here. 


App available for Android and iPhone.
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