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Can your executor find your Will?

Can your executor find your Will?

There can’t be many people that haven’t seen films or TV shows where the central plot device is the loss and search for a Will

It might be funny on the screen but in real life, the loss of a Will can cause heartache and frustration and can even stop your instructions being carried out.

The number one rule – tell your executors where to find your Will

There really is no point in going to the trouble of setting down your wishes only for no-one to actually be able to find them.

The very first thing you have to do, once you have chosen where you are going to keep your Will is to tell your executors where to find it.

We’d always suggest having at least two executors just in case one is unable or unwilling to serve come the day, but also to allow them to split the workload.

Another good suggestion is to give them a written record of where it is in case they forget but don’t change the storage place without telling them otherwise there could be a lot of confusion.

Bad places to keep your Will

Hiding your Will somewhere in your house might be a great way to stop people from seeing it who shouldn’t, but it is also a really good way of making sure your executor can’t find it.

If you really must keep it in the house then make sure it is somewhere obvious, like a documents box but you do need to be careful because if something unforeseen happens like a fire or flood then your Will could be destroyed.

It is also important to remember that you may not look at your Will from year to year so you need to ensure it is somewhere that isn’t damp or somewhere that animals might take a liking to it!

A bank safe deposit box might seem like a really good place to store your Will but it may prove difficult for your executor to get access.
They will have to apply for probate and only when this is granted will they be allowed to open the box.

Good places

Storing a Will with a solicitor is often the first place people think of and given that they are regulated then if they lose or damage your Will then you can get recourse but of course, that is little consolation if this is found out only after you have passed on.

If you pay a solicitor to make your Will (which can be very expensive) then they may store it for you for free but if they don’t make it then there will usually be a charge.

Lodging it with the Probate Service is another good place to store your Will and you can expect that it will be safe and secure.

The downside to this is that there is a cost but more practically every time you make a change you will need to lodge a new document and there will be a delay whilst your executor accesses the Will. Whilst you are alive you can only get your Will back by sending in a form which sounds like a deterrent to keeping your Will up to date.

A brilliant place to keep your Will

With Smart Will’s service, you get full access to your online Will 24/7 and free lifetime changes as it’s managed all online via our app.

You can name your executors using the app and when you have passed on they will be able to gain instant access to your document, no searching and no confusion.

Check out our service today – you’ll be glad you did.

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