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Putting a valid Will in place while you are young can be of help and comfort to your loved ones should anything happen to you. Using our simple will writing app means that you can easily create a Will to ensure your estate passes to those you choose.

Taking control of your assets
You might not think that you have much in the way of assets when you are young, but if you die without a Will then what you do have will pass under the rules of intestacy to specified relatives. This may mean that your possessions and any money you leave does not go to those whom you would have chosen. If, for example, you have workplace life cover, your estate may be worth more than you realise and it is worth ensuring that anything you do leave goes to your choice of beneficiary.

Your Will can leave items of value or sentimental importance to whomever you choose and can also express your wishes with regard to online assets.

Looking after your loved ones
As well as leaving your estate to your friends and family, you can also include directions for your funeral and burial or cremation, as well as suggestions for music and video messages for those left behind. We are even able to offer an ash-scattering service high above the earth at the edge of space.
At a very difficult time it can be comforting to have some guidance as to what your wishes are, so that your loved ones know that they are doing what you would have wanted.

Protecting your children
Even if you don’t have children at the time of making your Will you can include a clause leaving your estate to any future children you may have. If you do have children or are expecting a baby then a Will is essential to provide security for their future. As well as financial provision, your Will also offers the opportunity to appoint a guardian to care for them and trustees to look after the financial side.

At Smart-Will™ we offer support for our clients as well as free updates for life. This means that as your circumstances change, you can simply return to us to update your online Will. We also offer free storage for your Will so that you don’t have to worry about losing, damaging or misplacing it.
Easy online Will writing with Smart-Will app™

Putting a valid Will in place can be incredibly important for those left behind. By using our Smart-Will™ Will writing app you can easily create a valid Will that makes sure that those you love benefit from your estate and know what you would like to happen after your death. Our online Will writing service is a fraction of the cost of a solicitor, but offers full support as well as free lifetime updates.

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