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As part of the process on our will writing app you are requested to name an executor of your Will in the event of your death. An executor is the person who arranges for the wishes detailed in your will to be carried out. You can choose whoever you want to be your executor but is something that it is important to get right.


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What jobs does an executor do?

When you die with a will in placed, the named executor of the will follows the instructions you have left to divide up your estate. Being an executor can be a difficult job, even if the instructions that have ben left are relatively straightforward. The process can take months to complete and in some cases, even longer. There are a number of factors that can make an executors jobs difficult. Excluding any family politics some of the most common difficulties that are faced include making sure the right amount of tax is paid (be it inheritance tax, capital gains or income tax) and other tasks like choosing the right time to sell a property so the proceeds can be divided up between the beneficiaries.

Who can be an executor?

The primary attribute to look for when choosing an executor is trustworthiness. Sorting out a will can be difficult in both the amount of time it takes and any complexities that may arise. Quite frequently they will be put in the middle of any disagreements that may occur as a result of your wishes. It would also be useful if your executor has any experience in managing paperwork and legal jargon. You can also name multiple people as executor on your will who can then divide the work up between them based on their individual skillsets and strengths.

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Using a family member as an executor

Many people decide to use a family member as their executor and, if you have a responsible and trustworthy family member this can be a great solution. It is important to ask whether they would be happy to be named as an executor as if they say no then the will will need to be changed. People rarely choose their partner as an executor as you death will already be a difficult time for them without the added burden of the legalities and paperwork associated with being an executor.