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Testator – This is the person making the Will.

Executors – An ‘executor’ is a person or company  named in your Will that takes responsibility for  distributing your property or assets after your death. You must appoint at least one executor and It is important you appoint somebody who is reliable, trustworthy and is prepared to carry out their duties, sincetheir responsibility will include some tasks that may be overwhelming for some, , such as obtaining the grant of probate, completing the relevant tax forms, settling the relevant taxes, dealing with investments, or deceased’s businesses obtaining valuations and dealing with estate agents, solicitors and accountants and HM Revenue & Customs.

Smart-Will has a carefully vetted and selected network of probate administration experts in each region of the country and can provide fixed fee quotes, taking away any unnecessary stress and ensuring  your net estate will not be overly reduced by more expensive professional bodies or firms.

By appointing ‘Sanders Fisher Ltd’ as executor, we will find the best expert to suit your needs at no extra cost to you. If selected, we can also find other providers for more cost saving services that in some cases are unavoidable.

Alternatively, testators can appoint anyone they feel can take on the executor role correctly such as family members or friends.

If you feel you would like to appoint a family member or friend and a professional, then there is an option to select both. With this option, family members can deal with the more personal and sensitive side of the administration and the professional can ensure the  the legal and financial aspects are dealt with correctly. There is no extra cost to your Will for any of these options.

Guardians – Appointed guardians can take parental responsibility if both or all persons with parental responsibility are no longer alive. Appointing a guardian does not necessarily mean that they have to take on full responsibility to look after the child but they can make decisions about financial arrangements and the wellbeing of the children.

If you have children under the age of 16, it is wise to name a guardian to care for them in the event they are left without parents.

When choosing a guardian be sure to choose someone that can offer the best care for your children and  will to accept the responsibility.

Beneficiaries – Beneficiaries are people you have named to receive gifts of possessions, gifts of money and residue.

Our application is designed to be straightforward and to clearly state who is named as a beneficiary to make the whole process less time consuming and stress free. Users can either select the most common prepopulated questions or add specific beneficiaries and leave a percentage of the residue to whoever they wish to name.

Charity – With Smart-Will, you can also leave cash gifts to charity if you wish. It’s a good idea to find out the charity number and exact name of the charity before doing so in the application.

Gifts of possessions – If you would like to leave gifts such as your mother’s wedding ring or your father’s pocket watch beneficiaries, this can be carried out in the ‘Gifts of possessions’ section with just a few taps. Other gifts of possessions could include things like your car, stamp collection, war medals etc.

Gifts of money – Gifts of money can be gifted to beneficiaries in the ‘Gifts of money section’ simply name the beneficiary and state the amount you’d like to leave. Gift of residue – Gifts of residue are what is left from the estate after payments of tax, debts, funeral expenses, administration expenses and cash and item gifts to both beneficiaries and charities. Testators can easily select their spouse/partner, children, step children or name specific beneficiaries in the residue section.

Special request – In this section, testators can choose if they would like to be buried, cremated or have a natural burial, and provide for specific wishes eg if a certain piece of music should be played at the service or any other request. Testators can even leave video messages to their loved ones in this section that is stored securely on our back end system.  

Witnesses – Your Will needs to signed in the presence of two witnesses to ensure it’s legal validity. Without being witnessed whilst being signed, the Will is invalid meaning the Will will not be accepted for Probate and will have no legal effect.  Witnesses should be over 18 years of age and have mental capacity. Preferrably they will be easy to trace if needed to give evidence that the Will was corrected signed.

Important Witnesses can neither be beneficiaries in the will nor spouses or civil partner of beneficiaries. Using such a witness will invalidate any gift  in the Will to them or their spouse/civil partner but the rest of the Wllwould remain valid but possibly be much changed (or even partly rendered ineffective) if this invalidates a part of the gift of residue

Signing your will – Be sure to use a pen, preferably black for better copying.  Your witnesses should not leave the room until they have seen you sign and date the Will and have seen each other sign. Use your usual signature and make sure all witnesses complete the fields provided for them also. If you are physically frail make a mark as best you can as your signature.  

Identification – As soon as convenient and certainly within 12 months of creating your Will, we need you to have your identification certified by a solicitor. Any solicitor can be used and they will need to post to us  this certified copy of both (a) either a valid drivers’ licence, passport or national ID card, bus pass, shot-gun licence or other photo ID and (b) an utility bill, Council Tax bill, phone bill or bank statement showing your current address.

Will storage – Smart-Will  offers completely FREE storage for your Will. Testators can return their Will in the prepaid envelope provided and make sure their Will is kept completely safe. We have fire proof storage facilities so all you need to keep is the foiled storage certificate we send with the Will and let executors and witnesses know about the certificate. This way we can return the Will when needed easily and without any problems.

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