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How to Make A Will

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your family or other people you care about are properly looked after in the event of your death. Despite the importance of having a legal will, it is often overlooked as the subject matter is unpleasant and there is a school of thought that writing a will is both time consuming and expensive. This does not have to be the case with internet based will writing using our will writing app. We make writing a will a quick and simple process by allowing you to do so on your smartphone or tablet. Once complete, it is sent to us to be printed and then sent to your home address to sign before witnesses (an important step in making the will legally binding).

Key Features

With Smart-Will, you get more than just a Will Writing service. Below are some of the key features that come with Smart-Will.

User friendly Interface

Our user friendly interface makes will writing easy and enjoyable.

User Friendly

Simple & effective, Smart-Will has been used by thousands to create legal Wills.

Video Messages

Record, and securely store, a video message for your loved ones.

Legal Experts

Nationwide network of legal experts in all required fields.

Support when you need it.

Stuck? Our team of experts are on hand to help.

Secure Will Storage

Completely safe, completely secure, completely FREE on-site Will storage.

Will Executors

As optional executors, we look after your estate and your family.

Fixed fee Probate quotes

Smart-Will can find multiple fixed fee quotes for probate administration.

Lawyer Writing

Do I Need A Lawyer or Solicitor to Write A Will?

This very much depends on your personal circumstances and the complexity of the will you would like to write. The SmartWill app has been specifically designed by individuals with years of experience in will writing to make writing simple single or mirrored will as easy as possible. In most cases a simple will would be appropriate as, the vast majority of the time, any money or assets are left to the next of kin be it a spouse, children or other members of the family. If there are children in the equation a simple will will also ensure they are left in the care of a named guardian in the event of the death of both parents and caregivers. More complex wills may need you to search for a lawyer. Some of the more specific reasons for writing a will include:

Unmarried Couples: When couples are married any assets are automatically transferred to the surviving spouse in the event of a death (unless otherwise specified). Unmarried couples, however, are not recognised by law and so may not receive anything if one should pass away.

Business: If you are a business owner you can decide what happens to your business in the event of your death.

Children: As already mentioned you are able to stipulate the guardian if your children are left parentless and you can also ensure the funds are provided to assist the guardian.

Property: In the case of “joint tenants” your half of the mortgage is automatically passed to the co-owner of the property. If you have a “tenants in common” mortgage then you must stipulate where your share of the property goes.

Pets: You can stipulate where your executor should leave your pets should you pass away.

Specific Funeral Plans: You can state your wishes for your funeral (burial or cremation, specific music, etc.).

What If I Need to Make Changes to My Will?

It is very common for people’s circumstances to change. Some of the more frequent changes in circumstances we see include marriage, divorce and children. If you have written a will with a solicitor then it is likely that they will charge you for any changes you wish to make to your will. SmartWill provides its users with free lifetime updates so that if you change your mind about which person inherits your business or estate, for example, you can edit the document free of charge. A simple will from a solicitor could cost as much as £150 in the first instance and when you take into account that you may change your will multiple times within your lifetime the costs soon add up.

Signing Will


Yes, you can. This can be done easiest through our app, SmartWill. For people writing a basic will, our app is the easiest and quickest way to put together a will. Follow the in app guides and your will will be printed and sent to you to be signed and witnessed. It is important you sign the forms with witnesses so that it is legally binding.

However, if you are in need of a complex will, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer or attorney. Complex wills and related documents can include, for example, bequeathing estate and land to a person.

Online wills carry the same weight as those drawn up by a solicitor so long as the will is compliant with UK law. Our online will writing app is fully compliant and can save you hundreds of pounds in legal fees. Online wills can cover any section of a will, from real estate to a bowl of fruit. The only section that is not online is the part where the document is printed and sent to your address to be signed with witnesses as a legal binder.

There are several criteria a will just meet to be valid