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Young couple wills

I am only young, do I need to write a will?

One of the most common misconceptions about writing a will is that it is only something that an older person should do. Of course, there is likely to be more of a chance that you have things to put in a will, or that you have children to think about when you are older. But, that doesn’t mean that younger people should completely disregard writing a will.

Wills are an important document to create, they not only ensure that your property (and by this we don’t just mean your house) is taken care of, but it also helps to make sure that your wishes are met too.

So, to inspire you to take a look at your will, no matter your age, we have put together our guide on why you need to write a will.

It takes the pressure off of your loved ones

When you die, your family are likely to be quite busy mourning you and dealing with their grief. The last thing that they want to have to think about or sort out, is where things are going to go. When you create a will, you are setting out everything that you want them to do when you are no longer here, which means that they have clear guidance to follow and they can instead focus on getting through their own grief.

It stops things being shared out as is defined by law

If you don’t write a will and you die, anything that you own is going to be shared out in the way that is defined by law. Of course, this may be okay for you, but what if this approach isn’t what you want? The only way to protect against this is to make sure that you have a will that sets out exactly what it is that you want to happen to the things that you own.

It protects your children

You might not have children yet, but if you do, then writing a will is something that you really need to keep in mind. Aside from property and money, a will is also going to set out what you would like to happen to your children in the event of your death. An incredibly important consideration for you to make for their future.

Think it is about time that you write yourself a will? If you do then it is definitely time to take a look at what we can offer you here at Smartwill. We make writing a will as easy as possible, which means that you can have the peace of mind that you have everything in place should the worst happen to you.


If you do not have a Will in place, or do not know where to start, follow the link and download Smart Will today to start your online will writing!

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