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Cheap Will Writing

Is writing a Will expensive?

The average cost of a Will

Everyone should have a Will, whatever their age and circumstances, to ensure that if anything should happen to them, their estate is distributed in accordance with their wishes. This can be particularly important for those with children or stepchildren.

The financial cost of creating a Will should no longer be a barrier with the advent of good-quality online Will writing services. Here at Smart-Will™ we offer a comprehensive service including support, a user-friendly interface, free lifetime updates and free Will storage.

Legal fees for having a Will drafted

The Legal Services Board, which oversees the regulation of lawyers in England and Wales, suggests that the average cost of a Will drafted by a solicitor is between £144 and £240, with a complex Will costing up to £300. More complicated Wills can be substantially more.

By contrast, a simple Will drafted using our online Will writing services here at Smart-Will™ costs just £79, with two mirror Wills costing £119. If you need additional legal support, we can point you in the right direction. Save 55% with discount; code 55%OFF and pay just £35 for single Will or £53 for a mirror until 31/08/19

Other services

As well as Wills, we are also able to offer other complementary services. A lasting power of attorney allows you to appoint someone to manage your affairs for you in the event that you become incapable. The document won’t take effect until you need it to, but can be executed in advance and registered once you need help. We offer lasting powers of attorney for both property and financial affairs and health and welfare.
The severance of joint tenancy document allows you to change the way in which a property is held and can help you protect your estate from care home fees.
We also provide various trust documentation for those wishing to protect their assets by putting them in trust for their chosen beneficiaries.

Using Smart-Will™

When we created the Smart-Will™ we wanted to provide a simple modern solution for people who don’t yet have a Will as well as those who need to update their Will. We understand that time is precious and it was important to us that our Will writing app was easy to use and able to produce a valid Will quickly and without complication.

We pride ourselves on our clear pricing structure which means that our users can see at a glance how much their chosen document will cost to create.

Download the Smart-Will™ app [here] to get started.

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