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New Will writing app taking the UK by storm!

Join thousands of people using the Smart Will App!

Thousands of people are using and enjoying the simplicity of the Smart Will App! Single Wills From £24.99, Joint Wills from £39.99.

Join thousands of Smart will users that have used our super easy apps to let their families and loved ones know their final wishes. On average, it takes just 10 minutes to write your Will on the Smart Will App and costs far less than a high street solicitor.

Why should the government decide where your hard-earned money goes to when you die?

You have worked hard, and paid tax all of your life, yet two-thirds of adults in the UK have not written their Will meaning the government will decide how your money or assets are shared.

Not having a valid Will in place could mean that;

  • Children under 18 could go into the care of the local authority.
  • Your family pay too much inheritance tax.
  • The wrong people end up benefitting from your estate.
  • The legal work (probate) is prolonged, causing your family even more stress at a time they should be grieving.
  • Your family and friends can get into disputes over who gets what causing even more upset.
  • The government choose your executor for you (the people that carry out the terms of your Will).

    If you would like to speak to a probate expert, call us free on 08001181603

    Need to write a Will? Write your’s on the Smart Will App in 10 minutes for just £24.99 or £39.99 for couples.

Protect your family today

We understand that talking to family or friends about dying is uncomfortable and nobody likes to do it, but if no steps are taken, the government decides what happens to your estate.

We developed the smart will app so all our users can avoid all the issues that dying without a Will causes.

Using the Smart Will App, your Will is emailed to you in minutes.

Smart Will features;

  • Designed with SRA regulated Solicitors
  • Fully insured
  • Face recognition technology
  • Video messaging
  • User-friendly and use on any device free
  • Make amendments FREE for life
  • FREE Will storage
  • Choose guardians
  • Nominate beneficiaries
  • Leave gifts, gifts of money, gifts to charity
  • Appoint executors
  • Let executors know any other requests you have
  • FREE Property Sales Service for executors dealing with Probate Administration


If you would like to speak to a probate expert, call us free on 08001181603

Need to write a Will? Write your’s on the Smart Will App in 10 minutes for just £24.99 or £39.99 for couples.

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Single Wills From just £24.99 and joint Wills from £39.99 – Our lifetime membership gives you unlimited changes to your will, so you can rest assured you can update your will free, for life, with no extra fees.

Here are 7 reasons you should have a valid Will in place;

#1 It avoids a long probate process.

When someone passes on without making a Will there is often almost a vacuum where no-one knows what to do.

Someone will need to step forward and apply for letters of administration. These allow someone to deal with the affairs of the deceased but of course, as there is no Will then they will decide how the estate should be distributed.

It often takes a lot longer to get letters of administration compared to simply organising probate with our online Will service.

#2 It tells people what you want to happen.

A Will is your expression of how you want your assets distributed, who should be nominated as guardians and gives clear instructions to people.

It also can be used as a way to tell people what you don’t want to happen. For instance, if there is someone in your family that you do not want to benefit from your estate.

#3 It can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your family will pay.

Sensible estate planning can be used as a way to mitigate the effects of inheritance tax.

Using your Will to give to charity, for example, can reduce the amount of tax the rest of the estate pays so it is worth checking this out. The smart Will App makes leaving gifts to charity quick and easy.

#4 You get to choose your executor

One of the things you have to do in the process of making a Will is to decide who will carry out the administration of your affairs after your death.

This person, the ‘executor’ is the fulcrum of the whole process so making a Will gets you to think about who would be most suitable for the position.

You’ll need to choose someone (or perhaps two people) who is sensible and level headed and who is happy to take on the responsibility.

Many people use professional executors and Smart Will can help you here.

#5 It pushes you to get your affairs in order.

This might not seem like a reason for making a Will but actually, the process of making a Will does force you to think about things that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

For example, it makes you think about how the executor will find your Will, how they will access your life insurance policies, listing your bank accounts and investments and making sure that all of the things that your executor needs will be easy to find and understand.

#6 You can choose to gift to charity

We’ve already said that giving to charity can reduce your inheritance tax but even if this isn’t your primary goal you may just want to make sure that a charity that you are particularly fond of will get some form of benefit.

Making a Will on The Smart Will App allows you the opportunity to recognise the good works done or to leave money that allows them to carry out a specific project.

#7 It makes life easier for those you leave behind

Bereavement is the most stressful time in most people’s lives and an uncertain situation when there is no Will simply compounds the problems.

Making a Will is the best way to make sure that some of these stresses are minimised.

It allows you to give your family the information they need to make the right decisions, it makes your wishes clear so they don’t need to guess and it shows them that you were thinking of them and their welfare

If you would like to speak to a probate expert, call us free on 08001181603

Need to write a Will? Write your’s on the Smart Will App in 10 minutes for just £24.99 or £39.99 for couples.

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