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A great number of people in the UK currently do not have a will, with estimates of around 42% not having this vital document.  Whether it is due to not wanting to think about what happens to our estate when we die, or if you are put off due to the costs involved with writing a will, Smart Will is set to make will writing much easier and faster than ever before.


Offering a modern and convenient way to produce your will, Smart Will helps you to create your last Will and Testament online, using our clever app and legal advice from our specialist support team.  Dying without leaving a will can cause a great deal of legal implications, stress and financial problems for your family once you have gone, so make your will online with Smart Will.

Key Features

With Smart-Will, you get more than just a Will Writing service. Below are some of the key features that come with Smart-Will.

User friendly Interface

Our user friendly interface makes will writing easy and enjoyable.

User Friendly

Simple & effective, Smart-Will has been used by thousands to create legal Wills.

Video Messages

Record, and securely store, a video message for your loved ones.

Legal Experts

Smart will have dedicated experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Support when you need it.

Stuck? Our team of experts are on hand to help.

Secure Will Storage

Completely safe, completely secure, completely FREE on-site Will storage.

Will Executors

As optional executors, we look after your estate and your family.

Fixed fee Probate quotes

Smart-Will can arrange fixed fee probate administration.

Funeral Preferences App

Online Will Writing Service

With so many people not having a Will, this can cause a great deal of problems for your family and friends to resolve once you have passed away.  Using an online Will writing service such as Smart Will makes everything so much easier and more convenient!  There are lots of reasons why you should write a Will:


  • Children: if you have children or step-children who are under 18 years old, you need to choose who will look after them and make sure there is money available to help.
  • Unmarried couples: the law does not recognise unmarried couples in the same way as married couples, so you cannot always expect to your possessions to pass directly to your partner.
  • Divorced: It is important to include what happens to your assests should a previous partner remarry
  • Pets: you can decide who will look after your family pets
  • Property: Not all mortgages allow for direct passing over of your home, and property overseas may be subject to very different inheritance laws
  • Business Owner: if you are a sole director, it is important that you have an executor so that payments can be authorised through your business.

An ideal choice for anyone, from single parents to married couples, our Smart Will app allows you to appoint your executor, leave your loved one’s gifts, appoint guardians and more. For peace of mind, we can also add in any special requests you may have regarding your funeral preferences, or even leave a video message for your family and friends, and let executors know where they can find your important documents at home.


Smart Will works with a range of probate administration solicitors up and down the country, so we can find you several fixed fee probate quotes in your area when you need them.

We offer different types of Will writing solutions online, from a simple Will template through to handling more complex cases with our Complex Wills service.  We have our support team on hand to help you with legal advice, or you can book an appointment with a specialist to discuss your Will.  With an online will with Smart Will, you know that your data and wishes are secure and protected, with our free Will storage facility.

App Payments


Yes you can. Creating an online will can be perfect for people who require a basic will. Our Will writing app helps people to create their will online and comes with free lifetime updates.

Online wills carry the same weight as those drawn up by a solicitor so long as the will is compliant with UK law. Our online will writing app is fully compliant and can save you hundreds of pounds in legal fees.

There are a number of requirements for a will to be valid.

  • It must be in writing,
  • It must be signed by you
  • The signing must be witnessed by two people
  • You must have had the mental capacity to make and understand the effect it will have
  • The will must have been made voluntarily


App available for Android and iPhone.
Coming soon on Windows Phone, Amazon App Store and Gallery App Store.


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