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Social accounts when we die

Our online identities, what happens to them when we die?

What happens to our Identities when we die?

Facebook is part and parcel of our lives and one thing about Facebook is that no matter whether we are alive or dead, our profiles are still always going to be there. In fact, it is thought that by 2100, there will 4.9bn profiles on Facebook that actually belong to those who have passed away.

One of the main benefits to having a Facebook profile that is always going to be around, is that it is going to be somewhat of a legacy to you and everything that you are leaving behind. It is somewhere that your family, friends and loved ones can go when they want to remember you and everything that you have achieved throughout your life.

Utilise your online identity to provide comfort

Not only this, but your online identity is actually a great way to be able to provide some comfort to those that may be grieving you passing on. There are actually some apps that are designed to allow you to share posthumous messages that your social media network can see.

Of course, not all of us are aware that we are no longer going to be around, but if you are suffering from an illness that is ultimately going to end in your passing away, then you might want to utilise this service.
You could use it to send your goodbyes, to share memories of your time with those who mean the most to you and to make sure that those who are going to be grieving you know that you will always be close to them.

Whilst there are some people who will like the idea of their identity hanging around when they are no longer here, there are also those who are not going to be keen that they are always going to be there, in some way or another.
In fact, during 2018 YouGov conducted a survey that found only 7% of people want their social media accounts to remain online when they die. However, if you think about the earlier statistics, whereby there are going to be a whole raft of accounts sticking around on Facebook, then chances are that you will be sticking around.

Give passwords to your loved ones

If you want to ensure that your digital presence is taken care of when you are no longer around, then one thing that you are absolutely going to need to do is make sure that you give those in your family all of the passwords that relate to your digital identity. If you don’t then they are going to find that being able to access all the accounts that you want to remove data from all the harder and they are going to find everything a huge struggle.


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