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Will Writing Software

Will Writing Software

There are various will writing software packages out there for professional solicitors and members of the public alike. With so much choice it can be a confusing place for an individual without any legal knowledge or experience to ensure they are making a sensible decision.


Should I use a solicitor?

The first thing that anyone should consider before they write a will is whether or not a solicitor is needed. Many people assume that wills can only be written by a solicitor and can end up wasting money on getting a simple will written up, usually by a family solicitor. This is, however, not the case. Whilst a solicitor can be very handy if your will is particularly complicated. Situations such as having complicated family circumstances, where the estate may have inheritance tax to pay, where you may have to arrange care for a disabled or dependent family member or if you really just need a person to ask their opinion / support all may require a solicitor to be considered. It should be noted that, using a solicitor, is almost always the more expensive option with a simple will costing over £150 and more complex requirements coming closer to £500.


Should I use a will writing service?

A will writing service can be a lower cost option to using a solicitor. Our will writing app makes online will writing quick and simple. We take complicated legal jargon and translate it so that it is easy to understand for everyone. We have designed our app so that it guides you through the various steps involved in writing a will. We have also included helpful information points along the way so, if you come to a section where you don’t know what to enter, you simply slick on the help point on your screen and we explain it for you. You can skip certain sections and come back to it later and, one of the main positives about the app is how easy it is to update should your personal circumstances change. The process covers everything in detail all the way down to any special requests for your funeral. You then simply pay and you are able to download a copy of your will and we also send a physical copy for you to sign and witness. The signing and witnessing of the document is the stage that makes it legally binding. Once this is complete, you send the signed and witnessed will back to us in a pre-paid envelope and we securely store it for the rest of your life or until you require a change to be made. It’s that easy.


Download the app for free today and see just how easy writing your will can be.



App available for Android and iPhone.
Coming soon on Windows Phone, Amazon App Store and Gallery App Store.


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